acupuncture Whitefield

acupuncture whitefield

acupuncture whitefield

Active Clinics offer acupuncture in Whitefield and Bolton. Below is some further information of the forms of acupuncture we use.

There are several techniques we use for applying acupuncture and these are described below:

Conventional (TCM) Acupuncture Whitefield

Conventional acupuncture involves the use of single-use, pre-sterilised disposable needles of varying widths, lengths and materials that pierce the skin at the acupuncture points. Your physiotherapist will determine the locations of these points on the basis of an assessment of the cause of the imbalance between the Yin and Yang energies. Needles will then be placed at points along the corresponding meridians – channels that carry the Yin and Yang energy around the body. A number of needles may be used during each treatment, and these are typically left in position for between 20 and 30 minutes before being removed.

Trigger Point Acupuncture Whitefield

Trigger point acupuncture may also be used to facilitate relaxation in specific muscles following traumas, for longer-term unresolved muscle pain, or as a means of increasing muscle length in order to aid stretch and rehabilitation. In the latter case, the needle is inserted into the affected muscle until the tissue is felt to relax under the needle, which is then removed. Trigger point needling often produces an effect much more quickly, and therefore, does not require the 20-30-minute treatment time and is often used in conjunction with some “hands-on” manual therapy treatment in clinic.

All our physiotherapists that practice acupuncture are post-graduate trained and members of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP). The AACP requires its members to undergo a minimum of 80 hours of acupuncture training to gain membership. Members of AACP are then required to keep up with a stated minimum number of hours of continuing professional development each year in order to remain on the register.

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