Often people assume you only visit a physiotherapist, or even a chiropractor as a result of a one-off physical injury.  It’s easy to assume it might be a trip or fall, or perhaps even a sporting injury. However, for many people, they need to seek professional help for injuries that have been caused as, Read More

Football Injuries! now the new football season has well and truly kicked off it’s the time of year where we start to see people suffering from a variety of different injuries.  Football, like any contact sport, can end up bringing a lot of casualties to our clinics, most of whom are desperate to get, Read More

Part time Physiotherapist required – FLEXIBLE Hours (Band 5-6). The successful candidate will have some post graduate experience and offer a professional yet friendly approach to treatment. You must have excellent musculoskeletal skills, experience in acupuncture is desirable but above all you must be committed to providing first class Physiotherapy treatment and patient care., Read More

Jumper’s Knee Treatment Jumpers Knee perhaps less well known, but just as common, is patellar tendonitis. The patellar tendon attaches the kneecap to the shinbone, and excessive jumping can cause tenderness.  In fact, it can cause microscopic tears, which can lead to serious damage. Symptoms include swelling of the knee joint, which may lead, Read More

Tennis Elbow Treatment For two glorious weeks Wimbledon and the world of tennis dominates our lives.  Suddenly we get an overwhelming urge to dust off those tennis rackets, and head for the local courts.  Of course, even the most dedicated and professional of players can injure themselves whilst playing the game they love, so, Read More