January’s Fail Friday

How Active Physiotherapy can help avoid FAIL FRIDAY!!

Who’s guilty of the following? At the stroke of midnight saying “New Year New Me” be more organised, drink less alcohol and loose weight.

Statistics show that most of us will have thrown in the towel by the third week of January.  In fact the 19th January is now labelled as Fail Friday, as this seems to be the biggest drop out day.

We are too enthusiastic, we do too much too soon, especially when losing weight or getting fit.  Active Physiotherapy suggests starting slowly, perhaps doing four      30-minute sessions in a week or even eight 15-minute sessions.  This approach will help you far more in changing your lifestyle.

We get bored, the novelty always wears off, going to the gym is exciting at first, only by week 3 you are having to talk yourself into going.  Active Physiotherapy suggests keeping it fun and exciting.  Find an activity that you enjoy.  If you don’t like the time you go, change it.  There are many options to keep you physically active and many of them are fun, so avoid that Fail Friday!

Take off the pressure, don’t set massive goals – you very rarely see results immediately so bear this is mind when setting your goals.  Active Physiotherapy suggests making goals more manageable – start small and work up.