Long Distance Running and Fueling Your Body

For anyone doing long distance running it is vitally important to drink plenty and eat plenty of the right foods.

This is because when you run your body is left dehydrated, gas is on empty, muscle fibres broken down, in fact your body is not really in a good way!



Rehydrate your body before, during your run and at the end. It maybe you need an additive like an electrolyte powder. Checking the colour of your urine is a good way to check if you are dehydrated, it should be clear or a pale yellow.


Enjoy a high carb meal before you run, a slow releasing carb like pasta.


Enjoy a large Protein filled meal after for muscle repair, if you can’t eat very soon after then try protein shakes or protein bars and then later in the day enjoy some fats

If you need help with your training or food programme, book a session with us and we will go through and help with your plan going forward.  Call us on 0800 6191 261 or book online.


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