Cricketers Injuries

January is a wonderful time of the year to start something new, or pick up something you used to enjoy doing.  It’s also the time when local cricketers start, getting back out there to commence their training, reading for when the season starts generally around April.

As such, from now we start to see a lot of cricketing based injuries in our clinic, and thought this might be a good time to go over some of the things we see, and how we can help you to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Cricketers, like many sports people, are often exposed to the risk of injury. Such injuries fall under two categories; they are either acute (meaning they occur suddenly and often as a result of an impact) or they are chronic (which instead occur over time).

Acute Injuries

Some of the more common acute injuries you may experience, specifically with reference to cricket) include contusions (usually caused by direct impact to a muscle), rotator cuff strains, ankle sprains and knee injuries.

These injuries often result in either strains or tears in the associated muscles, and can caused extreme pain.  As these are a specific injury, it is vital that you get treatment as soon as possible and you take the time needed to rest the injured area.

Physiotherapy is important in the rehabilitation process too as the muscle will need to regain strength for the future.  This must be done at the right time, not leaving it too long so as to make recovery harder, but not starting too soon and thus causing more damage.

It is also important to understand what impact such injuries are going to have on future performance. If you continue to carry a niggle, or any form of pain, your natural inclination may be to compensate this by moving your body differently. This in turn can impact other areas of your body, causing more difficulties along the way. A professional physiotherapist will be able to work with you to ensure that this is not the case.

Chronic Injuries

Prevention is always better than cure, and it is always a good idea to speak to professionals before you start any new form of physical exercise, or you’re taking it up again after a long absence.  Cricketers can suffer from many chronic injuries including lower back pains, golfer’s elbow (similar to tennis elbow) and impingement syndrome (sometimes known as swimmer’s shoulder).

These injuries are often as a result of repetitive strain being put on muscles and joints, usually caused by throwing, pivoting and bending. Given the nature of the game, many of these injuries are understandable and not entirely preventable; however, making sure you’re moving correctly will help reduce the severity of injuries. Equally, paying attention to your body and understanding the warning signs of when pain might be starting to indicate an injury, can be a great way to rest your body when it’s needed.


No matter what sport you are involved in, if you want to give yourself a New Year MOT, why not get in touch with as at Active Physiotherapy?  We’ll be happy to help.