As both our Bolton and Whitefield practise locations we are delighted to be able to offer our patients hydrotherapy treatment thanks to the use of the excellent pool facilities within the gym.

This is a form of treatment that is excellent for patients who struggle with exercise on land. It uses a warm water pool for you to perform specific exercises and movements to help reduce pain and restore function, please look at our Hydrotherapy Page for more information

Treatment is either carried out in the small pool (avg. temp 31°C) or the specialist “hydrotherapy” pool (avg. temp 35°C) with its hot power jets.

hydrotherapy bolton

More Information

Hydrotherapy allows patients to mobilise joints and strengthen muscles with reduced pain than on land. This is due to water buoyancy, which allows the body to be supported during weight bearing in the water. Buoyancy can also be used to support and facilitate joint movements. The water resistance can be used to strengthen muscles within the supportive environment of the water. The temperature of the water is also important as the warm environment allows the joints and muscles to relax increasing joint range of movement and muscle flexibility.

This treatment is particularly useful for patients in the early stages of rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery (eg. knee, ankle, hip and shoulder operations) and patients suffering with arthritis. Active Physiotherapy is proud to be the only provider of private hydrotherapy treatment across Bolton and Bury.

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