Injury Prevention Screening

In recent years Injury Prevention Screening has become an important part of an athlete's training routine, particularly in elite sport.

About Injury Prevention Screening – It will come as no surprise that many athletes are keen to invest time and money in something that could help prevent them from having to be away from their sport with an injury. Supporting research is being developed all the time into the effectiveness of various different injury prevention or “pre-hab” regimes have on the rate of injury and re-injury for particular athletes and injuries.

At Active Physio we provide a professional Injury Prevention Screening /Physio MOT service. This is a full body assessment that is used to identify areas of weakness and potential risks for future injury.

At your screening your physiotherapist will start by taking down a history of previous injuries/operations/illness etc and then ask questions about your current sporting, work and social activities. Your physiotherapist may ask if you have any particular training/sporting goals in mind e.g. planning to run a marathon in 6 months time.


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Then for the physical examination, this will be a specific, tailored examination for you as an individual. It will include the physiotherapist mobilising and stretching your limbs, assessing your movements, analysing movement patterns related to your particular sport, muscle testing and biomechanical observations.

Following this full and thorough examination, your physiotherapist will then recommend how best to manage and risk areas for future injury that have been identified. This may be in the form of a strengthening exercise programme, a stretching programme, a change in technique, regular sports massage or a combination of these.

It is highly recommended that you have an injury prevention screening/Physio MOT prior to embarking on any new training programme. In the past we have performed these assessments on patients starting marathon training, ironman triathlon training, pre-season training for football/rugby etc, track and field athletes, pre-ski training/assessments and those returning to training after a period of non-training.

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