January is a wonderful time of the year to start something new, or pick up something you used to enjoy doing.  It’s also the time when local cricketers start, getting back out there to commence their training, reading for when the season starts generally around April. As such, from now we start to see, Read More

January’s Fail Friday

How Active Physiotherapy can help avoid FAIL FRIDAY!! Who’s guilty of the following? At the stroke of midnight saying “New Year New Me” be more organised, drink less alcohol and loose weight. Statistics show that most of us will have thrown in the towel by the third week of January.  In fact the 19th, Read More


With Christmas around the corner it’s inevitable that we start thinking about the end of 2017, and the start of a whole brand new year of possibilities.  Whether you subscribe to the idea that a new year can mean a new you, or you simply see it as a new opportunity to do something, Read More


It’s December, and when people have been banging on about Christmas since the lights went out on their Pumpkins, it can be hard to remain in the Festive Spirit.  That said, with the colder days and nights settling in, and frost starting to cover the ground, there’s a little bit of magic in the, Read More

At this time of year, many mechanics and auto garages are busy pushing their winter fuel checks, in a bid, to get you to part with your hard earned money.  Of course, it’s a brilliant idea – make sure everything is working with your car now, to save the risk of breaking down on, Read More