Indoor Winter Sports Injuries

  Winter Sports – As the winter really makes itself known and the weather turns colder, and the days shorter, it can be tempting to give up on a lot of your usual physical activities.  Finding the time, energy and motivation to carry on running, walking or cycling when it’s cold, wet and dark, Read More

On 12th October it will be World Arthritis Day, and for 2017 the focus is on early diagnosis when it comes to all forms of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs). Why is early diagnosis important? As with any disease, illness or condition, early diagnosis of Arthritis is often key in ensuring you can access, Read More

You might not be aware, but 2nd-8th October is BackCare Awareness week.  This year the primary focus is on the fact that one quarter of pupils in school suffer from back pain of some description. This might be as a result of poor posture in class, or whilst sitting on the floor, perhaps from, Read More

Often people assume you only visit a physiotherapist, or even a chiropractor as a result of a one-off physical injury.  It’s easy to assume it might be a trip or fall, or perhaps even a sporting injury. However, for many people, they need to seek professional help for injuries that have been caused as, Read More

Football Injuries! now the new football season has well and truly kicked off it’s the time of year where we start to see people suffering from a variety of different injuries.  Football, like any contact sport, can end up bringing a lot of casualties to our clinics, most of whom are desperate to get, Read More