Cycling Injuries

July is synonymous with great sporting events, with the Tour de France and Wimbledon having kicked off within days of each other, this is where cycling injuries start! There is no doubt that summer is made for riding, and no matter if you’re a regular cyclist, or a fair-weather one (hey, no judgment from, Read More

New Active Team Members

Active Physiotherapy would like to extend a very warm welcome to our  New Active Team Member who will be working our reception areas at both Bolton and Whitefield Yvonne has recently joined us working from both our Bolton and  Whitefield / Bury clinic as the newest recruit. They replace Rebecca Woodruff who has left, Read More

National Walking Month

May is National Walking Month, which, yes, is an actual thing.  To be honest, here at Active Physiotherapy we’re glad because walking is a completely underrated form of exercise and deserves to be thrust in to the spotlight. When you stop and think about it walking might actually be the best thing you can, Read More

We’re not sure if we can go as far as saying that Spring has sprung just yet (though, we have seen a few cheeky daffodils on our way in to the clinic recently), but it is definitely on its way.  That means gardeners up and down the country are going to be taking to, Read More

When it comes to our working environment there is little doubt that for many the grass always appears greener on the other side.  For those who work in physically active roles, whether that be outdoors or inside, they may well wish to have a slower pace.  For retail assistants and hairdressers, to name but, Read More