Tennis Elbow Treatment

tennis elbow treatment

Tennis Elbow Treatment

For two glorious weeks Wimbledon and the world of tennis dominates our lives.  Suddenly we get an overwhelming urge to dust off those tennis rackets, and head for the local courts.  Of course, even the most dedicated and professional of players can injure themselves whilst playing the game they love, so it’s little surprise the rest of us mere mortals can come a cropper too.

Here we provide you with some information on the most common tennis injuries, and the best way you can protect yourself from getting hurt



# 1 – Tennis Elbow

We’ve all heard of Tennis Elbow, but what exactly is it?  Technically Tennis Elbow is known as lateral epicondylitis, it is simply the inflammation of the tendons that join your forearm to the outside of the elbow.

Generally speaking Tennis Elbow is caused by the overuse of this muscle group, and is a form of repetitive strain injury, where the same or similar movements are repeated over and over again.

The symptoms associated with Tennis Elbow injury include a pain or burning sensation on the outside of the elbow or having a weak grip in the hand of the arm affected.