what to expect

On your first visit

On your first visit to the clinic you can expect a warm welcome from one of our staff who will then invite you to complete a short form with some personal details such as name, address, telephone number, date of birth.

What should I wear?

You will need to wear or bring suitable clothing to change into. For example, if you have a hip or a knee problem shorts would be appropriate as it is necessary for the assessing to be able to see and feel the injured area. In the case of a shoulder, back or neck problem, it may be necessary to remove your shirt/blouse or wear a top that e3xposes the relevant area, for example a vest top.

Can I see a female therapist?

Yes. We can accommodate requests to see a female therapist but please note that this will restrict you to times when a female therapist is available.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

All you need to bring is yourself, a change of clothing if appropriate and a means of paying for your treatment. If you are paying by private medical insurance, you may need to bring your policy details and authorisation number with you.

What happens during my assessment?

Your Physiotherapist will start by taking a full history of your problem. They will ask specific questions about the start of your problem, how it has been since, when and where you the feel the pain along with what aggravates it and makes it feel better.

A full physical examination of the area will then take place with steps being taken to maintain your modesty at all times. Your therapist will then begin a series of movements and tests to the injure area using their hands to feel for any tenderness or abnormality. It may also be necessary to look at the areas above and below your injury to aid diagnosis.

Once the assessment is complete your therapist will explain the findings and give you a clear diagnosis. Getting a clear understanding of your problem is really important, so feel free to as your therapist any questions you like. At this point your therapist will set out a plan for your treatment and provide you with an estimated time frame for recovery.

Your first session will often include a full treatment unless the referrer has only authorised an assessment. If your condition is particularly complex or you have multiple injuries, more time will need to be spent on examination, leaving reduced treatment time at your first session.

From your treatment

At Active Physiotherapy we treat every patient as an individual so you can be sure to receive a treatment programme specific to your individual needs. Our physiotherapists emphasise treating the whole person rather than just “the condition” We have vast experience in treating patients with a wide variety of problems and we use this experience and expertise to plan the very best treatment for you!

Therefore depending on your specific needs you can expect one or more the following treatment options. As a general rule we will use a combination of hands on and hands off treatment options to ensure that we are doing everything we can to get you better as soon as possible. Find out more about our physiotherapy treatment options by CLICKING HERE.

For more information on the conditions we treat and services we offer, or to book an appointment please call 0800 6191 261 or email us at info@activeclinics.com