Active Physiotherapy Covid-19 Face to Face Policy

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Blogs

Active Physiotherapy
Policy for the provision of Face to Face Physiotherapy

Date of Policy: 19th June 2020 (Revision 4 – Revised 27th January 2021)

This document is subject to amendment and could be withdrawn at any point. It provides our framework to facilitating the safe return of face to face appointments. This is designed to reduce the risk for transmission of Coronavirus (Covid-19) to both staff and clients.

Patients are to be screened at the point of any (first and subsequent) appointment booking, and on the day (if different) of the appointment, to ensure that they do not have any signs or symptoms of Coronavirus. You are most likely familiar with the common Covid-19 symptoms, but the following questions will be asked:
• Do you or anyone in your household currently have Covid-19, or have had symptoms in the last 10 days suggestive of Covid-19 (including fever, cough, difficulty breathing)?
• Are you currently awaiting the outcome of a Covid-19 test, or swab?
• Have you been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with or has symptoms of COVID19 in the last 10 days?
• Have you or a member of your household been officially advised to shield?
• Have you in the last 10 days returned from a country which is on the UK’s travel quarantine list?
If the answer to the above is ‘yes’, we cannot provide face to face assessment or treatment sessions but can still offer patients virtual consultations in these circumstances.

Face to Face Appointments
What is appropriate for Face to Face?

We are able to offer face to face appointments in line with the current guidelines set out by our professional body the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) to patients who answer ‘no’ to all the above screening questions and who cannot be managed or assessed by virtual means.
Therefore, for patients where their clinical needs and treatment preferences cannot be met by safety-netting or virtual consultation we can undertake a face to face appointment subject to gaining the consent of the patient through shared decision making between the patient and therapist.

Attendance/participation of non-patient visitors
Patients must attend on their own, except where there is the requirement for a carer or legal guardian. In this case, the carer/guardian should be present for the minimal amount of time during the appointment and follow social distancing best practice.

General Clinic Procedures
• At Bolton we now have 2 treatments rooms and clients will be asked to wait in their designated treatment room to avoid contact with any other staff member or patient. The reception staff will clean the treatment rooms after they have been used in readiness for the next patient.
• At Whitefield we will be having just one way, in and out, we will now enter and exit through the main external door and will close the door entering into the gym. Patients will also be asked if they come early to wait in the treatment room their appointment has been assigned to and not in the reception area.
• At Whitefield the physiotherapist will also have the use of 2 treatment rooms and reception staff will clean once the room is empty in readiness for the next client.
• Patients should enter the clinic at their allotted appointment time only, we encourage patients who arrive early to wait in the car park until their appointment time.
• All face to face appointments will include the practitioner use of adequate PPE whilst Government recommendations advise it
• On entry to the clinic patients are to use the hand sanitiser/alcohol gel provided on the counter before taking a seat.
• Patients may either provide their own face covering or a mask will be provided for them to wear during the consultation.
• Patients should not bring any belongings with them into clinic and avoid touching surfaces other than the chair which they sit in and the treatment plinth.

The treating physiotherapist will be wearing the following PPE (as advised by Public Health England):
• Gloves (single use)
• Mask (sessional use)
• Apron (single use)

Prior to leaving the clinic patients will be requested to:
• Clean their hands with antibacterial gel, or wash their hands with soap and water if practical (such as in-treatment room sinks)

In between patients the treating physiotherapist will:
• Wash their hands with soap and water
• Wipe down all surfaces touched by patient and therapist including chairs, plinths, door handles etc
• Dispose of and replace single use PPE in readiness for next patient

Policy to be reviewed in accordance with updates to guidance issued by CSP, PHE or HM Government.