Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain complaints are the most common complaints we see in the clinic.

Many times patients enter the clinic complaining of both shoulder pain and neck pain. Often dysfunction and pain in one side of the neck can cause problems for the shoulder on the same side and vice versa. Below you will find some information on some common neck and shoulder problems that we can help with.

shoulder pain treatment
Shoulder Impingement

This is pain and weakness in the shoulder caused by the impingement (trapping) of a muscle tendon in the shoulder joint. It is characterised by a sharp catching pain when raising your arm up above your head or out to the side. It can either be caused by a bony spur or calcium deposits reducing the space which the tendon runs through or by faulty shoulder posture and muscle balance. Physiotherapy treatment for this condition focuses on reducing the inflammation around the tendon and restoring the correct muscle balance. If calcium or bony spurs have formed they may need to be removed using keyhole surgery. Should this be required we can refer you to the very best specialists in the area.

Frozen Shoulder

Also known as “Adhesive Capulitis” this is when the joint capsule that surrounds the shoulder becomes inflamed, thickened and tight. The cause of frozen shoulder is unknown although it has a higher prevalence in women. The symptoms are pain in the shoulder and stiffness/restriction of shoulder movement in almost all directions. Physiotherapy treatment for this condition is focused on relieving stiffness and increasing the range of shoulder movement. This is done with home exercises, the use of heat and some massage techniques.

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