Sports Rehabilitation

As part of your Sports Rehabilitation, we might employ any of a wide range of treatment including those below.

Passive stretching

Passive stretching is where your sports rehabilitation therapist stretches your joints and soft tissues. This can be used to increase movement and reduce pain. We use a variety of different stretching techniques including static stretches, muscle energy techniques and a neuromuscular facilitation

Home & gym-based exercises

Your physiotherapist will always give you things that you can do at home to help with your injury. After all you will spend more time outside of the clinic than you will in it, therefore, we need to ensure during that time you have things to do to speed up your recovery. Home exercises will be prescribed by your therapist at your initial treatment session and changed/progressed throughout the treatment. Having access to a fully equipped gym at total fitness we may also use these facilities to help with your rehabilitation.

sports rehabilitation
Ice & heat treatments

It may be recommended that your injury would benefit from the application of ice or heat to affect swelling and blood flow in you injured area. Your physiotherapist will be able to advise you as to where and how to apply heat

Kinesio Taping

This is a revolutionary and relevantly new taping technique that has grown massively in its application, particularly in sports, over the last few years. It is an elastic therapeutic taping technique that supports joints and muscles without the restriction of range of movement that other taping techniques cause. Kinesio tape can also be highly effective in aiding lymphatic drainage of excess fluid from swelling and bruising.

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